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Treviso Marathon changes date: it will be probably held in September

3rd March 2020

The postponement is necessary due the current health emergency, a shared choice between organizers and local administrations

“Our main aim: protect the runners and help the sport tourism after the actual situation”

Treviso Marathon changes date and will be held after the summer. The day will probably be the 20th of September, as it has already been asked to the Italian Athletics Federation (FIDAL) which will have to confirm the date during the next Federal Council at the end of March.
Due to the actual health emergency the organizers, in full agreement with Treviso mayor Mario Conte and vice-mayor Andrea De Checchi have chosen to postpone the event.
Our aim is first to protect the health of runners, families and children and to safeguard an event that attracts participants from all over the country and from abroad, also making an important contribution to the sport tourism. “Due to the uncertainty caused by the actual situation we’re experiencing, we decided to postpone the Treviso Marathon – says race CEO Aldo Zanetti – a necessary choice in order to reply to the many requests we’re having from runners, specially foreigners who are encountering many issues to reach Italy in these days. In addition, we chose to keep the entry fee at 45,00€ until the new registration deadline, cancelling all further increases. Our will has never been to cancel the marathon, but at last to postpone it. A shared choice fully agreed by Treviso and the other towns along the race course. The “big party” in Prato Fiera (race finish location) is safe, it only will come after the summer. We already asked the Italian Athletics Federation for the date of September 20th, as we couldn’t go further in the calendar due to the many marathons scheduled for October and November. We are confident that, once the emergency has passed, sport can act as a driving force for our local tourism. And we will do our part, with an event that will bring an intense sporty atmosphere”.

“We are glad that the Treviso Marathon, amongst the most important sport events of our territory, is not cancelled but just postponed”, says Treviso mayor Mario Conte. “Unfortunately, in this period many events have been cancelled, in addition to the collapse of hotel reservations – adds Conte – so the fact that Treviso Marathon remains on the city “sports agenda” in certainly a positive aspect that instills confidence and positivity. In addition, the postponement will allow the participation of many more runners from abroad, increasing the race international appeal. I thank the organizers for the great collaboration and the desire to cooperate for the tourism relaunch after this period of health emergency.”

The event schedule includes also, on the same day of the marathon, the Radio Company Ten Miles (of 16Km) and the Radio WOW! Run (7Km), both non competitive promotional races.

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