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17th Treviso Marathon

“Where running is magic!” ASD Treviso Marathon, with the technical and commercial management of Maratona di Treviso scrl, organizes the 17th Treviso Marathon, international road race on the distance of km 42,195 which will take place on Sunday, 29th  March 2020. The race is included in IAAF, AIMS and FIDAL calendars.




Athletes must be at least 20 years old (in 2020) and match one of the following requirements:

  • a) to be member of a sports club affiliated to a national athletics Federation recognized by IAAF, presenting copy of the membership or a self-certification attesting their membership or
  • b) to have FIDAL Runcard* (www.runcard.com) and to have a medical certificate (download form here) valid at the date of the race;
  • c) Runners with tourist-sporting goals can run in the not agonistic race, without having to present medical certificate and without having to do the Runcard. In this case runners just need to sign and send the liability waiver form (download here);

*Runcard is a card issued by FIDAL at the cost of 15,00 EUR for foreign athletes (30,00 EUR for Italian athletes) which includes the coverage for injuries that is compulsory in Italy.


  • € 30,00 from 20 Sep. 2019 until 30 Sep. 2019
  • € 35,00 from 01 Oct. 2019 until 31 Oct. 2019
  • € 40,00 from 01 Nov. 2019 until 31 Dec. 2019
  • € 45,00 from 01 Jan. 2020 until 29 Feb. 2020
  • € 50,00 from 01 Mar. 2020 until 18 Mar. 2020
  • € 70,00 from 19 Mar. 2020 until 22 Mar. 2020


  • € 25,00 from 20 Sep. 2019 to 20 Oct. 2019 for women;
  • 30,00 from 20 Sep. 2019 to 31 Dec. 2019 for runners born in 1970 that will have their 50th birthday in 2020;
  • € 30,00 from 20 Sep. 2019 to 31 Dec. 2019 for Supermarathon Club members;
  • free entry for runners who completed all the 16 editions of the Treviso Marathon (email us at iscrizioni@trevisomarathon.com within 31 Dec. 2019);
  • free entry for every category winner of the 16th Treviso Marathon 2019 (email us at iscrizioni@trevisomarathon.com within 31 Dec. 2019);

Groups promotions (registrations to be sent together):

  • 20 people: 3 free entries
  • 30 people: 5 free entries
  • 40 people: 8 free entries
  • 50 people: 11 free entries

We consider the date of payment valid as the date of registration.


Any registration without the payment copy or with missing address and personal data will not be accepted.

  • online from here (via Keepsporting) with online payment via credit card or bank transfer;
  • by email sending the registration form carefully filled and signed, along with receipt of payment made by bank or postal transfer to this fax: +39 0438 1918104 or to this email address: iscrizioni@trevisomarathon.com;


Payment can be made by bank or postal transfer headed to:
A.S.D. Treviso Marathon – IBAN IT10M0890461620009000014574 – BIC CCRTIT2TPRE – Banca Prealpi San Biagio, agency of Conegliano.
Description: 17th Treviso Marathon – athlete’s first and last name


  • race number
  • chip for timing measurements with real time
  • insurance and medical assistance
  • pace team
  • refreshments and sponge-baths along the course
  • reinforced refreshment after the race with traditional venetian dish “pasta e fagioli” (pasta with beans)
  • personal clothes storing at the Athlete’s Village
  • showers and changing rooms
  • massage service after the race
  • pick-up buses for withdrawal athletes
  • event t-shirt
  • goody bag
  • participation medal (for placed athletes)
  • downloadable participation certificate (for placed athletes)


Race bib number will be collected at the Expo Run in Prato Fiera (via Prato di Fiera, 31100 Treviso) on Friday, 27th March 2020 (from 12.00 to 19.00), Saturday 28th March 2020 (from 09.00 to 19.00) and Sunday, 29th March 2020 from 7.30 to 9.00.


The 17th Treviso Marathon starts at 09.30 in via IV novembre (ca. 300m from the Athletes Vilage). There could be little time schedule changes due to television coverage of the race.

The race time limit is 6 hours. Time gates:

  • 10Km within 11.00 – 1h 30’
  • 21,097Km within 12.30 – 3h 00’
  • 30Km within 13.40 – 4h 10’
  • 40Km within 15.00 – 5h 30’
  • Finish within 15.30 – 6h 00’


Pacer service with the following times: 3h00′, 3h15′, 3h30′, 3h45′, 4h00′, 4h15′, 4h30′, 5h00′, 6h00′.
It is not allowed to transit through the race course with unauthorized vehicles (motorcycles, bicycles, etc.).


Registration fees are not refundable. However, athletes who can’t take part to the 17th Treviso Marathon, have the chance to transfer their registration fee to the 18th Treviso Marathon in 2021, by informing the organization of their impossibility within the 18th March 2020, and paying € 15,00 as office service fee.
Athletes can also transfer their registration to another athlete within the 18th March 2020, adding € 10,00 as office service fee.
For both postponing or transfer please ask via email at iscrizioni@trevisomarathon.com.


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